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The Olympic champion Alexander Abramenko married the Russian: there were celebration photos

The Olympic champion in freestyle Alexander Abramenko married

the Darling of the 30-year-old Ukrainian athlete there was 21-year-old Aleksandra Orlova - a fristaylistka of Russian national team. The wedding has taken place on September 7 in Kiev, and athletes have shared a joyful event with the subscribers on social networks.

"On one enviable groom became less! Now my heart belongs to her!", - the athlete has written. we Will note

that future newlyweds have got acquainted in 2014 at competitions in Sochi. Also Abramenko and Orlova together competed this year at the Olympic Games in the Korean Pyeongchang. And if the Ukrainian has won a gold award in acrobatics, then his beloved has taken only the eighth place in the discipline.

As transferred Politeka, Aleksandra Orlova right after Abramenko's triumph has hinted at a fast wedding. By then the girl has already visited Nikolaev from where Alexander is, and has got acquainted with his parents. She has added that his parents very much support her. "I admit to

, he has hinted me at that I became his wife. I have told that very much me loves. And at that moment he has presented me the mascot, a small kulonchik which he was given as the winner on one of performances", - the girl has told. Also the girl has told

about how she has got acquainted with the Ukrainian athlete. "After the performance we have appeared

at one table and had tea. Sat against each other. He has looked at me once, the second. I hesitated, looked away. And then he has approached and has asked my name. I so was lost in contemplation in his blue eyes, they so magic, kind that I don't remember any more that I said to him at that moment. It was the love at first sight", - assures Alexander.

Also Politeka wrote that Abramenko has become the face of the most influential edition of the world.




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