Date: 7 months ago   Category: Incidents

The official who took bribes grain was exposed by the Kryvyi Rih law enforcement authorities

Law enforcement authorities from Kryvyi Rih have detained the official who took bribes grain and the land plot. the Staff of the Kryvyi Rih military prosecutor's office has exposed

on taking of a bribe of the chairman of the Zarechansky Village Council of the Kherson region.

is established by the Investigation that the official demanded from heads of local farm in the form of 70 tons of wheat worth 400 thousand dollars.

the Official demanded the right to use in the agricultural purposes of the land plot of 116 hectares. the chairman of the Village Council promised not to interfere with

For a bribe assembled farm of a harvest of sunflower seeds of sunflower.

of the Violator have detained after transfer of contracts of sublease of the specified land plot and a part of a bribe to him in 30 tons of grain worth 180 thousand hryvnias.

are carried out investigative actions Now.

to the Detainee prepares the message about suspicion of commission of corruption criminal offense and the petition in court for election of a measure of restraint.

is engaged in Pre-judicial investigation the investigator of the Kryvyi Rih police station. On materials:



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