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The obstetrician begs: please, stop to have sex for Christmas

On September 5 - special day:)

the Tired British midwife published a desperate appeal to all couples: will be enough already to conceive children for Christmas - in nine months the birth rate jumps up!

Christmas is thought up for gluttony and laziness, but many, probably, consider it a good occasion to shake an excess fat in the bedroom.

of Mkhairi Makharri asks spouses to think of unfortunate midwifes before indulging in love joys in Christmas night because roddoma do not cope with influx of September children, Pretty 52 reports. Mkhairi writes

In the Twitter: "Really today only the 5th of September? I will not sustain 25 more days. If you know or love at least one midwife, PLEASE, there WILL be ENOUGH TRAHATSYa V CHRISTMAS". Similar to a call of the desperate woman!

Users of Twitter right there started apologizing to the midwife for the September children: "Forgive me, my firstborn was born in September. The midwife in maternity hospital was on the verge of failure. Accept my sincere apologies". "I understand you. To me to give birth in 3 weeks, and I apologize for the inconvenience in advance". Statistically, the peak of births in England and Wales falls on September 26 - 2000 (average quantity of births in other days - 1800).

Though Christmas - the most popular time of conception, on birth rate it trudges at the very end of the list: 6 of 10 days with the minimum birth rate fall on New Year's holidays.

A you have September children?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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