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The Nikolaev governor has made laugh Ukrainians statements for Conan barbarian, video

Nikolaev is the historical city known since the time of Conan barbarian whom Arnold Schwarzenegger remembered.

it was declared by the chairman of the Nikolaev regional public administration Alexey Savchenko, commenting on an archeological find - the antique crateriform vessel lifted by archeologists from a bottom of the Black Sea at the Kinburnsky braid.

"Perhaps, Nikolaev once again will prove that it is the historical city. And in general, what occurred at us it is since those times when there was Conan whom Arold Schwarzenegger with our Wild Garden remembered (the area in Nikolaev, - an edition). And there is a lot more what that we can show to the world. I hope that the following find - it will be a crypt in which there was a Golden Fleece. And, maybe, something else", - Savchenko has told.

according to the governor, it will bring even more appeal of the Nikolaev region.

"Not only Rybakovka and Koblevo, but also other places at which it is possible to look", - Savchenko has told.

the Ancient vessel has been found at a skeleton of the crashed ship which went to Olviya with freight of oil and wine from the island of Chios. It wasn't a container for transportation of liquids. For what he served, now it is precisely unknown, perhaps, in him parted wine with water before offering guests. Huge interest and value represents also the skeleton of the Greek vessel buried under a sand layer that as archeologists hope, and has given the chance to him to remain within two millennia.

Users of social networks have derided historical knowledge of the governor.

"Here it is the present intellectual level of the Ukrainian officials and politicians...", "In eyes it is visible huge intelligence. And there is a wish to ask, you were born it? Or still some courses for this purpose passed?", "The governor-barbarian and the tale of gold something else", "Up to this point I thought that it is impossible to surpass "ballerina Anna Akhmetova"", "Has forgotten to remember Ksene-printsesse of soldiers", - they write.

For example, Valery Kulich (The Chernihiv region) holding the second place in the rating of wealthy governors for 2017 has declared nearly 36 million UAH of income. He has received the wealth thanks to dividends of 22 million and 11 million UAH



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