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The new moon is on December 7 your chance to execute a dream! Here what it is necessary to do

Stars on your party.

will take place on December 7 a new moon in the Sagittarius. It opens the new lunar cycle connected with profound changes in thinking and emotional perception.

is the transition time giving the chance to change the way of life.

the New Moon is, as a rule, connected with new undertakings, however this time they can have contradictory consequences.

Try to remain realistic and avoid adventures. Planning, a realistic view of circumstances and the correct distribution of priorities will help to cope with difficulties.

the December new moon will help to see things in a new way, will push us to move in the direction other than habitual ways.

As for love, uncertainty or obstacles which should be overcome are possible.

during growth of the Moon, a peculiar inflow of forces, well turns out establishing public contacts, communications, useful acquaintances and the organization of business. This time is fruitful for advance in career and satisfactions of ambitious ambitions.

As the thin crescent moon becomes more and more, increases also activity of exchange processes in a human body, skin is better supplied with blood, there is a restoration of cages more intensively.

Therefore a new moon - the best time for holding any improving and rejuvenating procedures, acceptance of medical bathtubs and also for intensive care of face skin and a body.

Fulfillment of desires in a new moon.

Tomorrow at night at all people will become aggravated an intuition - it is only necessary to be adjusted on the correct stream and to use the obtained information and revelations of stars for the purposes. During action of a new moon even the most unusual desires will come true. For this purpose it is necessary to think of them only correctly.

Astrologers recommend to think of the desirable as about something absolutely real. It is important to plunge completely into the desires and to feel those emotions which would arise at execution of your dream. Such thoughts are followed, as a rule, by real success. by

A to fix action, hold a ritual which is called "Horn of plenty"!

Horn of plenty.

prosperity and stability will help to Attract the next ritual to the house. In the evening on December 7 take deep a plate (or a basket) and put a hank of red threads, 7 coins, 7 paper notes (it is desirable different face values), and some ornament from gold or silver there. Deliver to

a plate on a window sill, nearby put glass with water, and take the lit candle in a hand. Seven times clockwise outline a candle a circle over a plate. Then drip a little wax in glass with water, having said aloud: "Bring happiness and abundance to my house, regenerating, with force I am allocated!

From now on my desires will become a reality and will be so!" Then extinguish a candle, put it near a plate, and let all and will stay night of a new moon on a window sill.

all your ideas will be realized Soon, and the Moon by all means will attract good luck and счаст



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