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The network derided the anti-Ukrainian propaganda: "46% of the population live without hot water"

The Russian blogger who actively publishes on the page in Twitter of news about Ukraine and the world showed to the public a new photo which made laugh
It is unknown who disappears under the name of "Voice of Mordor", but is reported that the man lives in Holland despite what he, continues to offend and deride actions of the western politicians and to glorify Putin's actions. This time the blogger exposed to

a photo on which the cash desk of one of the Ukrainian long-distance routes is represented. The inscription on paper says: "Buses on Drogobich will not be because of off road terrain".

Is unknown where the picture is made, but the author signed the publication so: "Reach giperlupy", obviously deriding the latest news that Ukraine is in process of signing of the contract about construction of superfast railway networks under the name "Giperlup".

In comments many pro-Russian subscribers of the blogger supported it by malicious jokes about Ukraine, but there were also those who appealed to common sense:

"Syzran 46% of the population lives without hot water of 34% have no warm toilets and sewerages of 25% live without water supply - carry water home from columns in buckets And you, the Russian patriot, continue observation of Ukraine from Holland", "The lower Tagil-gornouralsk was closed because of off road terrain too", some commentators in reply without words published pictures which speak for themselves. Earlier the tragedy with explosion of the house in Magnitogorsk visually showed to

promotion methods which use the Russian media. About it the activist Yury Hristenzen wrote in the Facebook.

He paid attention that when covering events in Magnitogorsk the Russian journalists tried to avoid the word "explosion", using instead of it more neutral words, like "state of emergency" or "the collapse of the house".

"In official Russian media began to smooth out the word "explosion" in relation to an event in Magnitogorsk. Write "state of emergency", "the collapse of the house", "the collapse of an entrance", but not "explosion". Those who wanted to know how there is a replacement of events, unpleasant for the power, from memory of people can observe it in real time", - the activist writes.




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