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The national team of Ukraine showed character and drew with Italy

Soccer. Friendly match. Italy - Ukraine - 1:1 (0:0). Genoa. Luigi Ferraris stadium. Chief arbitrator to Rada Obrenovich (Slovenia).

Italy: Donnaruma, Florentsi (Piccinni, 84’), Bonucci, Chiellini, Biragi (Krishito, 88’), Verratti (Bonaventura, 70’), Zhorzhinyo, Barella (Pellegrini, 78’), Bernardeski (Immobile, 57’), Insinye (Berrardi, 78’), Chiesa.

Ukraine: Pyatov, Karavayev, Wish-wash, Rakitsky (Krivtsov, 88’), Matviyenko, Sidorchuk (Stepanenko, 56’), Marlos (Tsygankov, 46’), Zinchenko, Malinovsky, Common linnet (Petryak, 73’), Yaremchuk (Kravets, 76’, Butko, 90 2’).

Goals: Bernardeski (55’); Malinovsky (62’).

of Prevention: Verratti (51’), Chiesa (90 4’); Rakitsky (36’), Wish-wash (48’).

our national team which is seldom carrying out sparrings with serious rivals played a test match with Italy. It is no secret that the excellent reputation of the head coach of team Andrey Shevchenko helped to agree. And no more than that! Despite not an exit of Italians in final part World Cup 2018, this team is included into elite not only the European, and and world soccer. However, in four last matches (with France, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal) Roberto Mancini's wards forgot partially taste of victories. Italy - the inconvenient rival for Ukraine, in seven matches - only one draw and six defeats.

First 10 nearly ended minutes for guests is deplorable. Bernardeski and Chiesa had good chances in the attack, only confident game of Pyatov and wastefulness of forwards of the rival saved. Sometimes owners were helped also by mistakes of Ukrainians as, for example, skilled Marlos's cutting. In the middle of Insinye's time missed from a good position, and our goalkeeper struck away Barella's blow on angular. The technical miss of Rakitsky led to a foul and a yellow card. Chiesa and Insinye forced to worry enough again, but it was. Ukraine several times brought a ball to the penal platform of the rival, but further the creative was not observed. Attempts to play a ball and to bring the partner to a shock position of success on had. The common linnet, Marlos and Sidorchuk tried to punch from a distance - not dangerously, is not strong, blocked by defenders. Not only new performers, and and changes in tactics of conducting a game arose upon the second half at us. In the 55th minute Bernardeski powerfully punched

from a distance, in a near corner, Pyatov played unsuccessfully, and the wet ball from his hands fell behind the line of gate. The missed goal, strangely enough, inspired Shevchenko's team. Went forward, Yaremchuk not bad punched. At last, also we waited for the joyful moment. After angular Common linnets the ball appeared at Malinovsky and that punched from a turn - 1:1. It is the first goal of Ruslan who is regularly hammering for Belgian Genk, for the national team of Ukraine! The lethal penalty from Malinovsky was reflected by a crossbeam, and after that also finished Stepanenko - Italians with relief exhaled after these most dangerous moments and skill of the goalkeeper Donnarumma. Roberto Mancini makes a number of replacements, seeking to break the meeting course. But their efforts did not make success. Anybody's - different in the maintenance of a time carried out <>
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