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The national team of Ukraine has kept positions in a FIFA ranking

The international association of soccer (FIFA) has updated the rating of the national teams, the website of the organization reports.

the National team of Ukraine which had a rest all summer hasn't given in. Shevchenko's team will be included into a new season all also the 35th team of the planet.

the New leader of the rating became world champions the French who have returned themselves leadership for the first time since 2002. The semifinalist Mundialya Belgium from the third position has risen by the second, and Braziliyayu has in the opposite direction fallen. The finalist of the World Cup Croatia has made jump from the 20th on the 4th place and has repeated a record of 2013. The former leader of the rating German national team has failed even on the 15th place.

the FIFA ranking of August 16
1. France (7)

2. Belgium (3)

3. Brazil (2)

4. Croatia (20)

5. Uruguay (14)

6. England (12)

7. Portugal (4)

8. Switzerland (6)

9. Spain (10)

10. Denmark (12)

34. Iceland (24)

35. Ukraine (35)

36. Serbia we Will add (34)

that in September the national team of Ukraine will play the first matches of the League of Nations of UEFA. With Czechs we will play on September 6, and with Slovakia - 9 сентбря.



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