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The national team for Supryagi

The junior national team of Ukraine of U-19 into which the football players who were born in 2000 and later enter begins the final phase of preparation for a qualifying tournament of ChE-2019. his First stage will pass

in October in Albania. Our team for the fifth time will participate in the Federation Cup, since 2014 which is spent in the Latvian capital of Riga. Three times, in 2014, 2016 and 2017, Ukrainians became winners. In the 2016th were the second.

On Monday the national team has gathered in full strength. Officially collecting has begun on Sunday, but Dynamo members from the first and junior teams on Sunday evening still played matches of
Under the leadership of Sergey Popov work: goalkeepers Anatoly Trubin (Shakhtar), Andrey Artym (Carpathians); defenders Maxim Dukhan, Nikolay Yarosh, Daniil Hondak (all - Dynamo), Roman Sliva, Pyotr Harzhevsky (both are Carpathians), Maxim Agapov ("Dawn"), Igor Snurnitsyn (Olympique); midfielders Georgy Tsitaishvili, Bogdan Biloshevsky, Vikenti Voloshin (all - Dynamo), Klim Prikhodko, Mikhail Mudryk (both are Shakhtar), Rostislav Lyakh, Ivan Zhelizko (both are Carpathians); forwards Vladislav Supryaga, Evgeny Isayenko (both are Dynamo), Artem Holod (Shakhtar), Daniil Sikan (Carpathians). As we see

, in each of lines (except the shooting area) there are football players who already have experience of performances for the first teams of the clubs in the UPL championship, the Cup of the country and even in Euro cups - Snurnitsyn, Tsitaishvili, Supryaga, Sikan. The first three as a part of the national team, senior for a year, have won the European bronze and the permit to World Cup 2019 (U-20) in Poland.

will play also for the national team of the age Now. Sikan, on the contrary, is one year younger. The national team-2001 which is trained by Oleg Kuznetsov has sent for increase in several players too.

the First rival of the national team of Ukraine on the Federation Cup will become juniors Farer with which we will play on September 6. the 8th - a match with Macedonia. the 10th - the highlight of the program - a duel with owners in the ranks of whom there are legionaries of their Cologne, Sampdoria, Empoli, Nottingham Forest. .

the Tournament in Latvia will become a penultimate stage of preparation for start of our team in qualification of ChE-2019. In Albania we will begin with a match with owners on October 10. Then we will battle against Norwegians and Slovaks. In the following stage - elite rounds, there will be about two best teams of each group. It is better to be the first and without loss of scores - to get advantage at "dispersion".



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