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The National Bank hasn't allowed to clear up to speculators, but doesn't guarantee stability of dollar exchange rate

The auction in Mezhbank on Tuesday, August 28, has come to the end with insignificant rise in price of the American currency - sharp take-off was followed by rapid kickback. As a result the last bargains were concluded on 27,97-28,0 UAH/$: only 1 kopek higher than the yesterday's level of closing, the director of treasury of the Credit Dnieper Bank Oleg Kurinnoy has told

"Today the market has opened at the level of 28,05-28,09 UAH/$. Further quotations showed the versatile movement: morning growth was replaced by kickback to a day minimum 27,95-27,97 to one o'clock in the afternoon, and at completion of a session of quotation have made 27,97-28,00 UAH/$", - he has described the course of today's trading on Mezhbank.

according to bankers, great demand on currency was formed today mainly by importers in connection with approach of the termination of financial month. On the other hand, as expected, the dollar on the market was splashed out by exporters - they sold an obligatory part of revenue in two days at once.

However, on it their currency sales have also ended: they didn't hurry to give a free part of revenue to the market.

"Was felt obvious desire of exporters to minimize optional sales as they have received hryvnia feed in the form of compensation of the VAT. And here course volatility of euro and ruble in relation to dollar warm up speculative appetites of participants of the market", - Kurinnoy summarized.

At the same time, at once several bidders celebrated very rigid sales of the regulator. The truth not in the auction mode - natsbankovets haven't made up the mind to this step, - and in functionality of Matching. Bankers have found it difficult to call the volume of interventions, but said that especially the NBU didn't stint and sold dollar at 27,02-27,07 UAH/$. I closed practically all applications that finally and became a decisive factor of course kickback
A here moods in the cash market of effort of National Bank not could change. During the day dollar exchange rate only grew in bank cash desks. If it was possible to get a dollar on 27,96 UAH $ in the morning, then by the evening the minimum quotations have risen to 28,0. Most institutions traded in cash within 28,10-28,15 UAH/$. Such courses exposed even large structures: UkrSibBank, Alfa Bank, Universal. And PUMB and Raiffeisen Bank Aval were ready to leave dollar on 28,20 UAH/$ at all.

Redeemed currency from the population in the range of 27,70-28,0 UAH/$.

A here the black market has won back small strengthening of hryvnia. In the morning of the moneychanger traded in dollar within 28,08-28,10 UAH/$. However in process of decrease in interbank quotations their appetites have ceased. So by the evening it was possible to buy currency in the black market within 28,02-28,04 UAH/$.

Promise stability
Today's interventions of National Bank have given to the market an accurate signal: the regulator is ready to protect hryvnia from unreasonable attacks. Without looking even at the fact that in official statements officials deliberately separate from maintenance of course stability, tirelessly reminding all Ukrainians that it not яв



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