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The movie "In All Heavy" - already in work! Here what is known for today

The movie "In All Heavy" - already in work! Here what is known for today
It will be cool!

the Fictional Universe of series of Vince Gilligan "In all heavy" continues to extend, and nobody complains. Already there is a prequel "You Call Saul Better" with great cast and the scenario, and now it becomes clear that Gilligan works on the new feature film based on "In all heavy", Maxim reports.

Really Walter White (Brian Cranston) will rise from the dead? Nobody knows it, but the approximate description of the movie lets know who can be the main character this time.

of Details about this project, known under the code/working name "Greenbrier" (Sassaparel), is known a little. It is unclear even, whether there will be it the next prequel (as "You call Saul better") or continuation.

Is unknown also whether participate in the new project of a star of original series - the same Brian Cranston or Aaron Paul.

according to sources, Gilligan acts as the screenwriter, the executive producer and, perhaps, the director new movies. Also executive producers "In all heavy" participate in the project and "You call better Saul" Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. It is reported that action of the movie will happen in the Universe "In all heavy" and to develop around the kidnapped person and his aspiration to freedom.

of Shooting plan to begin in the State of New Mexico this month.

"The kidnapped person" reminds us the character Aaron Paul - Jesse Pinkmana. In the final "Heavy" he runs to all from narcotic laboratory where he was held against will and forced to cook mt. Soon after end of series Vince Gilligan gave to

an interview to the GQ magazine where has commented on the estimated fate of Jesse: "Personally it seems to me that he has run away. But the most plausible version - it is kind of sad didn't sound - it is that his fingerprints will find on all laboratory and will catch him during the day, either week, or month.

Plus it still should dodge somehow from murder of two federal agents. But all the same, though it and the most plausible option, seems to me that he has run away, has reached Alaska, has changed a name and has got new life. I would like it. He has deserved it". The person who has been kidnapped has run away and looks for freedoms? Very probably on Jesse Pinkman!

of Shooting of "Greenbrier" will be conducted in New Mexico in February, and possible date of a release of the movie - the end of the 2019th. Whether the premiere at movie theaters will be held or on TV - it is unknown.

One can be told with confidence: the movie will definitely have no lack of the audience! will you watch


Nikita Skorobogatov.



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