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The most fashionable plastic surgery has already killed for today 13 000 women!

And you heard about? to the Brazilian tightening??

In spite of the fact that such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, have made the Brazilian bottom a dream of many women, plastic surgeons warn that injections even of own fat can become deadly.

"Brazilian bottom" is one of the most demanded manipulations of plastic surgery, but growth of number of fatal cases causes serious concern in medical community, Fox of 32 Chicago writes.

Recently whole group of plastic surgeons of several societies has gathered officially to warn the public. Yvo Pitanggai is the world famous Brazilian plastic surgeon who has thought up the operation "Brazilian lifting of buttocks", I have died at the beginning of August at the age of 90 years - next day after has carried by Olympic flame across Rio. However thousands of surgeons continue his business worldwide. The plastic surgeon Bob Basu has described serious risks for health which are born by the Brazilian lifting of buttocks. Doctor Basu has noted that it is necessary to take into consideration some precautionary measures: Exclusively diplomaed plastic surgeon has to perform the procedure. Many doctors practicing this procedure aren't trained in plastic surgery. "The cosmetic surgeon" isn't a plastic surgeon. On average, training of plastic surgery includes sixteen years of postgraduate education (so pay attention to age of the doctor). Implantation of fat and risks: fatty embolism.

For the last five years the number of the executed operations has doubled. In total 13 000 death have been recorded. One of 3000 patients dies after holding a procedure.

At worst can occur a necrosis of fatty cages when repeatedly entered fat dies off. He can go hillocks, and even infection can begin.

Also happens a fatty embolism when fatty tissue gets to vessels and there is their obstruction.

Doctor Basu has added that there are noninvasive alternatives to improvement of buttocks, including Sculptra. Sculptra is the medicine approved by FDA and is used around the world since 1999. Sculptra - the liquid for injections made from poly-by L - lactic acid. It is a synthetic form of lactic acid which the body makes naturally. Disturbing statistics. Perhaps it is better to be limited to slips? Both it is cheap, and it is safe.

of Fia Mont.



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