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The most effective detox for loss of weight - is recommended by Dr. Sarakoglu

Strengthen the immunity and lose couple of kilograms, following the new method offered by the Turkish chemist and the microbiologist Dr. Ibrahim Sarakoglu.

the Procedure of a detoxication, according to doctor Sarakoglu, dissolves fats (especially around a liver), reduces appetite and also possesses a diuretic antivirus and antifungal action. The method provides loss of weight in several kilograms, increases immunity, cleans an organism, "dissolves" stones in kidneys and gallstones and does skin rejuvenating. the Doctor recommends to

this method of a detoxication, especially for patients with hepatitis B and C. Regeneration of skin is only plus throughout all procedure.

Preparation: Carefully mix

or cut small pieces a small stalk of parsley and two garlic gloves.

Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and 5 ounces / 150 ml of water to mix. Mix all this together. This drink is taken till a breakfast and a dinner within 3 days (drink is prepared before each meal). by

After the first three days make the same drink (water, parsley and lemon juice), but without garlic in him. Use this juice 3 days in a row and also before a breakfast and a dinner.

During the next three days prepare the recipe containing garlic again.

Process lasts 9 days. Take a two-week break and repeat the cycle for 9 days.



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