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The most awful competition in the history - the Olympic marathon-1904. Left more terrible than Hungry games

The finish was reached not by all.

the Marathon - one of the best-known competitions of the Olympic Games which is organized in the last day before the closing ceremony. But not to compare current runnings to a marathon of 1904 during which many athletes by miracle have survived. To the finish less than a half have come!

of Bored Panda tells that the Olympic Games of 1904 were played in St. Louis (USA). Competitions in them was three times less, than today, and women weren't allowed to the majority. And because of difficulties of the international message and was only 62 growing tension around the Russian-Japanese war of foreign participants (for comparison: at the summer games of 2016 in their Rio de Janeiro there was 11 544).

St. Louis, the State of Louisiana, has achieved the right for holding Games, having impudently pushed aside the major candidate of Chicago. The main advantage of the city have considered that in the same days in him the World Fair was planned. As a result both events have merged in one extremely unusual show.

Present marathons - anything in comparison with the Olympic running of 1904. Organizers have for some reason decided to carry out by

it not in the morning, and in the afternoon.

It meant that runners had to compete at a temperature above 30 °C.

the Only source of water for participants of a running was a well on the 11th mile (17 km).

All track represented the dirt road therefore cars and the horses moving ahead of and behind runners created huge clouds of dust in which athletes choked. the Reporter of the Olympic Games Charles Lucas wrote

: "visitors athletes were unusual to water and have as a result earned intestinal frustration".

of the American runner William García have found lying on the earth in the middle of a track.

It has swallowed dust which particles have corroded at him stomach walls, having caused the internal hemorrhage which was nearly costing him life.

the Cuban mail carrier Andarin Karvakhal was, probably, the least prepared from all runners.

of Andarin has lost all money in New Orleans, has reached by a self-locking device St. Louis and cut off trousers that they resembled shorts for run. At the time of the beginning of a running he didn't eat 40 hours therefore he on the road has stopped to break apples in a garden. They were rotten.

Despite terrible gripes in a stomach, Karvakhal continued to run. Moreover, he stopped to chat with each small group of the audience. If not it, perhaps, he would even come the first - and so he has taken the fourth place.

also participated the black Olympians first in the history from Africa In a running. Len Tau (Len Taunyane) and Yamasani (Gian Masciiani) from the Republic of South Africa were

It. Tau has come the ninth, and Masciiani - the twelfth as he was driven from a track by pack of furious dogs.

the American runner Frederik Lorz has decided to be passed on a car to catch up with rivals at the finishing line.

Lorz has fallen down from dehydration on the 9th mile (14 km). Hoping to overtake for rivals, he has got into the car. However the car has broken on the 19th mile (30 km).

Lorz has jumped out and has run the last 5 miles to



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