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The more money it is spent for a wedding, the marriage will be shorter! That is why

The happy end is cancelled.

the Dream of many women - to find the worthy man, to celebrate a magnificent wedding and to live with it in marriage till the old age, writes Televisa News. To dream not harmfully. Because the smart wedding does not guarantee long and happy family life.

On a wedding usually leaves a lot of money. Do not you trust? Ask the married girlfriends and relatives. If you do not want to invest a fortune in a celebration, we have a good news to you.

Appears, the wedding is more expensive, the risk of a divorce is higher.

It confirmed a research under the leadership of professors of economy Andrew Francis-Tang and Hugo Myalon in whom 1500 married couples took part.

Became clear that couples which spent for a wedding ring from $2000 to $4000 1.3 times more often got divorced in comparison with those who spent for a ring from $500 to $2000.

of Couple which spent less than $1000 for a wedding ceremony got divorced much less than those who spent more than $20000.

Experts advised to spend money for a honeymoon: it became clear that it considerably reduces risk of a divorce.

the Main criterion of successful marriage, according to scientists, - physical inclination of spouses to each other. Other researches showed: key factors for the long and healthy relations - love, friendship, mutual understanding and tolerance.

In this story the family of the groom spent $40,000 for a wedding and invited 300 guests. The bride shocked all! Read, than everything ended!

A you noticed such trend - the wedding is more expensive, the risk of a divorce is higher?

of Lazarenko Yuli.



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