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The Mir TV company filed a lawsuit against STS because of the name of transfer

On both channels there is an Allies program: on Mir it military patriotic, on STS - entertaining.

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the Broadcasting company "Mir" through court demanded from "STS of Media" to rename or take STS of the show "Allies" off the air - the program with the same name goes on Mir channel ten years. The arbitration court of Moscow took cognizance of the claim on October 8.

the Claimant also demands compensation of 10 thousand rubles. It is the minimum sum determined under the law in such cases, the chairman of Broadcasting Company explained Mir Radik Batyrshin in a conversation with Kommersant.

of the Reality show "Allies" goes on STS since August 19, 2018, in it the divorced couples try to improve the relations on Sri Lanka. On Mir TV channel ten years leave a military patriotic Allies broadcast which tells about how Russia fights against external and internal threats.

according to Batyrin, "Allies" - one of key programs of a weekend, the company including registered the trademark with this name. The chairman of Broadcasting Company Mir told that he sent the letter to the CEO of "STS of Media" Vyacheslav Murugov, but did not receive the answer. Actions of colleagues went beyond corporate ethics. They did not even google the name. For us it is a question of the principle: they have to change the name or take it off the air. It is like on "Russia 1" at nine in the evening will appear the Time program.

Radik Batyrin
the chairman of Broadcasting Company Mir In press service "STS of Media" reported that lawyers of two TV companies actively discuss a situation. "Coincidence of names regularly happens on television. The last time it happened quite recently: we had series "Big Game", and in a week or two daily program with the same name began to appear on Channel One", - the representative of holding noted.

according to Mediascope, both on STS, and on Mir "Allies" go with indicators below averages. STS sells advertizing on audience of 10-45 years, among this audience the share of a show made 6,8% at an average daily share of the channel of 9,3%. On Mir among its target audience 25-59 years the share of the program made 0,8% at an average daily share of the channel of 1,1%.



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