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The Ministry of Justice has told when defreeze accounts of Ukrgazvydobuvann

Arrest of funds of PJSC Ukrgazvydobuvannya and separate divisions of the debtor will last before acceptance by Cassation economic court as a part of the Supreme Court of the decision on a being.

have reported about it to Ukrinform in the Ministry of Justice in response to a query.

"As isn't provided by the Law "About Executive Production" and the resolution of the Supreme Court of August 30 of year removal of arrest from property and accounts of the debtor for suspension of executive production, any further actions will be perfect after decision-making in essence by Cassation economic court", - report in Ministry of Justice.

As is noted, until then no collectings from accounts of the debtor or recalculation of means on this executive production will be carried out.

In department note that according to the resolution of the Supreme Court of August 30, 2018 cassation proceeding is opened and implementation of the decision of Economic court of the city of Kiev of August 17, 2017 before the end of his revision in a cassation order is suspended.

"In this regard is accepted on September 4 the state performer the resolution on suspension of commission of executive actions. We want to emphasize that in case of a stop of commission of executive actions, no collectings from accounts of the debtor and recalculation of means are carried out", - report in Ministry of Justice.

at the same time note that according to the Law "About Executive Production", "suspension of commission of executive actions doesn't provide removal of arrest from property and means on accounts of the debtor in banks".

According to the message, at executive service of Ministry of Justice is production from compulsory implementation of the order on collecting from the Karpatygaz, Ukrgazvydobuvann companies and Misen Enterprayzis of AB for the benefit of "The center of financial leasing" of losses of 237,507 million hryvnias.

in Ukrgazvydobuvanni have reported Earlier that accounts of society still remain blocked, "despite the decision of the Supreme Court which has decided to suspend implementation of the decision of Economic court of Kiev of August 17, 2017 on which production has been open and is seized on means of Ukrgazvydobuvann. on August 31 lawyers of UGV have submitted to

to Department of the public executive service Ministries of Justice all necessary documents for cancellation of compulsory collecting, however executive actions concerning execution of the decision of Economic court of Kiev of August 17, 2017 by the state performer aren't stopped.

of Ukrgazvydobuvann which 100% of stocks belong to NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy is the largest gas company of the country providing about 75% of the general gas production in the country.



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