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The Ministry of Finance about the decision of Court of Appeal of Great Britain on "Yanukovych's debt": Outstanding victory of Ukraine

One of motives of Court of Appeal of Great Britain which has sent for new consideration the claim of the Russian Federation to Ukraine for "Yanukovych's debt" in $3 billion today was the fact that in court of the first instance haven't given to Ukraine an opportunity to be protected, and tactics chosen by Russia contradicted the principles of justice. Have reported about it in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

In the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine called the decision of Court of Appeal of Great Britain which has repealed the resolution of court of the first instance on an order of the simplified production in favor of the Russian Federation on the case of a so-called debt of Yanukovych, "an outstanding victory" of Ukraine. It is said in the statement of the press service of department.

"Cancellation of the previous decision and granting to Ukraine an opportunity to bring the protection in full in court of the first instance is an outstanding victory of Ukraine", - have noted in the ministry.

In the unanimous decision all three judges of Court of Appeal have agreed with what the judge of the first instance is wrong: I have refused to Ukraine judicial proceedings of arguments of protection on coercion; also I have refused to Ukraine a constant stop of production in case the English court can't consider arguments of Ukraine concerning coercion.

In the Ministry of Finance have noted that Russia has adduced all arguments in order that "to avoid responsibility for the actions".

In the decision the court recognized that Russia "demands from court of consideration of requirements for the contract without granting to Ukraine an opportunity to be protected". The Court of Appeal has noted that tactics chosen by Russia contradicts the principles of justice and is unfair.

according to the Ukrainian department, one of motives of Court of Appeal became the fact that in court of the first instance haven't listened to protection of Ukraine on coercion - "any country has no right to use in own favor own violations of international law".

So, the Court of Appeal has specified in the decision that the government of the United Kingdom "considers actions of Russia concerning occupation of the Crimea and assistance to fighters in the east of Ukraine in opposition of the Ukrainian power direct violation of obligations of Russia for international law".

at the same time have specified in the Ukrainian department that Ukraine has lost process "concerning capacity, powers, indirect conditions and counter-measures and also concerning existence of other powerful bases for full judicial proceedings.

the Court of Appeal of Great Britain has unanimously decided that the English court has to conduct full and open judicial proceedings of a position of Ukraine, have emphasized in department.

"Ukraine welcomes an opportunity in full to present and prove the position about illegality of actions of Russia. The Russian Federation has to bear responsibility for the international and illegal acts, and the English court has accurately let know that it won't evade from decision-making on this matter", - the Acting Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova has said.

on March 29, 2017 High Court Lond



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