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The Ministry of Defence TV channel has reprinted parody news of "Panorama"

The Russian Defense Ministry "Zvezda" TV channel on the website has published material from a parody resource "Panorama news Agency.

In "news" there is a speech about the teacher of history of one of the Samara schools who forced children to teach the biography of criminal leaders of the region and was reprimanded for it. Parents of one of pupils have seen that he writes by September 1 the report about "Sanja Mucha" - a certain figure of the criminal world Alexander Mukhin who has died at explosion of the car in 1998.

"Has become clear that history was taught by the physical education teacher Valery Kamnev famous in the 90th as "Valera Kamen". And has got a position he as at school there is no free teacher left who could give the necessary number of hours", - "Star" reports.

TV channel has referred to a news source, having added the reference to Panorama. At the same time in a reprint of "Star" it isn't specified anywhere that news comic. Also the material ending which they have almost literally quoted from the parody website hasn't confused journalists: Commenting on a situation, Kamnev has said that "the lad was volt, of course", but "he isn't going to drive empties". Material has appeared on Panorama on August 31, "Star" has reprinted it in the evening on September 3. Next day as of 11:00 he remains on the website of Ministry of Defence TV channel in an original form.

of Panorama news Agency - the parody website with the invented news giving itself for news agency. His creators claim that the edition has appeared "in 1822 as personal express and news service of the count Sheremet von Rabinowitsch". In the list of editorial office employees the editor-in-chief, one journalist and the storekeeper are specified.

Despite comic character of publications of Panorama, they quite often became popular in RuNet - in particular, materials of the website published or Alexey Venediktov, Vladimir Solovyov, Maxim Kononenko, Oleg Kashin and other famous journalists and bloggers quoted, and "news" about a performance of the scandalous group "Christ's Ensemble of Christ Redeemer and Mother Syra Earth" on "cooperative" of the Tver diocese of ROC became a reason for a news plot on Russia-24 TV channel.

In June one of materials of Panorama has appeared on Russia Today. After the victory of the Russian national team over Egypt at World Cup 2018 the parody website has reported that the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory Grigory Rodchenkov was hospitalized in Washington with poisoning with demulcents. Later the RT agency, referring to the vice-president of the Russian division of the International committee of protection of human rights Alexander Ionov, has repeated this history in a little changed look. After Ruposters and other media have paid attention to it, in Russia Today recognized that they can't trust Ionova more.



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