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The mayor Glukhova Tereshchenko dismisses oppositional state employees, - media

The mayor Glukhova of Michele Tereshchenko continues to dismiss illegally from positions of people who take an independent stand and refuse to fulfill his illegal requirements of "fantastic team". Writes the Nedelya edition about it.

the Decision on dismissal of Lyudmila Vasyanovich the mayor Michel once again caused a discontent wave. This time amicably teachers rose.

On Tuesday, May 14, delegation of teachers Glukhova among which there were managers of kindergartens, directors of schools and other educational institutions tried to learn from the mayor Michel Tereshchenko what specifically he in an emergency order dismissed the head of department of education Lyudmila Vasyanovich for. Actually they came to express a protest to work methods of "fantastic team" which became famous for illegal dismissals long ago from work of those who in any kind refuse to show loyalty to the city authorities.

the Mayor did not want to communicate with teachers supposedly "process goes", but then for a minute allowed to come into an office. Without the press. But could even report nothing alone. As told there were, in particular, directors of SOSh No. 1, No. 2 and No. 6 Oksana Yudina, Alla Ryabukha and Irina Kalinovskaya, the mayor not only did not state for a reason for leaving, he did not even mention a surname of the new chief!

"About what incompetence Vasyanovich and her discrepancy there is a speech positions? What is created in our city as have to explain something to collectives?", - teachers were indignant. The mayor's deputy Marianna Vasilyeva explained unwillingness of the mayor to talk to those that he not really owns a situation the real initiators the secretary of the City Council Elena Demisheva and the member of executive committee Ruslan Pavlenko are.

the Head of department of education was dismissed on Monday. We met it, asked to comment. Lyudmila Vasyanovich said

clearly that all reasons far-fetched, and the real motive is her refusal to dismiss three directors of schools. The PPB and "Will of the people" to Alla Ryabukhe, Ella Gurets and Svetlana Popova are about deputies from oppositional. The first two as if very much spoke at a protest meeting at appointment of the chief physician of central district hospital against an arbitrariness and Elena Demisheva and Ruslan Pavlenko's lawlessness who was the chairman of the commission and actually stretched Anatoly Kiyashko's candidacy, having rejected documents of two other applicants. And now probably wishes punishment for the postponed publicly moral sufferings. Only for the company with the active deputy teachers under a skating rink of repressions also the newly made deputy Popova got to beat off desire fruitfully to work in opposition. Now retaliatory function will be assigned to the new head of department Alla Matosova who thus has to pay for a post.

Actually at the order signed by the mayor Michel is told about the found discrepancy of a post. The day before L. Vasyanovich asked to explain in writing why she did not draft the provision on a competition to a position of the head of establishment of the general secondary education.



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