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The madman on a blue bucket: Byelsa submits England

Since this season in the championship the most excentric trainer works at the planet - the great Argentinean of Marcelo Byels. He more than once has managed to surprise with

the British Isles.

Imagine Kurban Berdyev in Barcelona. What will be made by the trainer homebody, the guru of defensive soccer with the Catalan attacking model and a small pass?

Most likely, will raze to the ground. Barcelona will pass to a game into three central defenders, Busquets will be the major figure in team, Messi should play the most part of a match without ball and to pump over the counterattacking skills.

Sounds improbably - it seems, it is possible only in the virtual football manager. The same was told this summer on Sky when finally it became clear: Marcelo "Sumasshedshy" Byels Leeds will head.

the Argentinean is big. A game of his teams always caused admiration though he achieved result not always. And not always even I directed team with which I have signed the contract - two years ago Byels has left Lazio in only two days (the trainer claimed that the club hasn't executed his wish on transfers).

Eccentricity at Byelsa since the childhood - he quite often went to bed directly in a school uniform because he hated changing clothes. But it also allocates the Argentinean - the mad and risky soccer with permanent transfers to one contact is known by all. On Byels big trainers of the present - Diego Simeone, Pep Gvardyola and Mauricio Poquettino equaled and equal. The interesting story is connected with the last. Byels otjezdit 25 thousand kilometers on Fiat in search of talented youth for "Nyyuells Old Boyz", I have found Gabriel Batistuta, and on future coach of Tottenham to him the owner of one of restaurants has specified in the center of Argentina. 14-year-old Poquettino's career has so begun.


In last season Leeds has taken the 13th place. The new owner of club Andrea Radrizzani dreams to return great team to premier league so he was dissatisfied with result and has dismissed the trainer Paul Hekinbottom. But replacement has surprised all in England, Byels is too abruptly for the championship. In league of England, the second for force, combativity, everywhere fight have got used to play rectilinearly, in the forefront a bone in a bone here. Lightweight soccer of Byelsa just out of place. But the Argentinean already proves a wrongfulness of sceptics.

After appointment of the trainer Radrizzani has told that it of Byels has seen about 20 matches of Leeds and has complete idea of each football player, even youth structure. The trainer at the first press conference has specified: it has spent for viewing of matches of Leeds 76 hours. Madness.

In July Theguardianpodgotovil big material about the first days of Byelsa in Yorkshire. In him amazing things open. First of all, the trainer has asked a question how many the ordinary admirer of Leeds has to work to save up for the ticket. Having received the answer, Byels has brought together football players and I have forced them to scavenge within three hours on club base "Thorp Arch". Names



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