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The LIGA group of companies invests in non-state pension provision

The LIGA group of companies expands the business directions. In August, 2018 the LEAGUE PENSION company acquired 100% of the property rights of the open-end non-state pension fund "Vzaimopomoshch" - one of the first Ukrainian funds.

As was noted by the President of LEAGUE Group Sergey Bondarenko, development of non-state pension provision - one of the most important elements of increase in welfare and social security of citizens, and for LEAGUE Group it is the logical and considered step in development of the business portfolio.

"In 27 years of the activity, LIGA Group of companies deserved faultless reputation both among clients and users, and among business partners, confirming in practice the efficiency, reliability and stability. High level of social responsibility, effective financial policy, the built corporate management, investments into reliable projects, more than 20 various directions of business, successful conclusions of unique innovative products which many years are leaders, entry into the foreign markets - here those key factors which influenced our decision to be engaged in a new field of activity for the country and for us, and to guarantee unconditional reliability and honesty for investors. All companies of Group divide a uniform mission and values, and thanks to mutual understanding with partners and to common goals each of businesses succeeds" - Sergey Bondarenko noted.

It emphasized that so strong base of Group will provide to Fund trust, a steady position in the market and a long-term outlook. "Our team will use all the professionalism and experience to become the largest player of the market of non-state pension provision and to give the convenient, reliable tool to everyone for formation of the savings for providing a financial and independent and happy old age", - the President of LEAGUE Group added.

is appointed by the CEO of the LEAGUE PENSION company Dmitry Bondarenko (the member of the Supervisory board and the CEO of LEAGUE Group) that is a transparency indicator from owners and shows their openness, and serious intentions concerning development of this direction.

Dmitry Bondarenko noted that the non-state pension funds are the standard and effective tool for accumulation of pension savings around the world. According to him, time has come and for the Ukrainian citizens to estimate advantages of this tool to conscious formation of the successful future.

"Is new, and not absolutely habitual, for our society model of care of the future in advance. Today in the USA, in Europe, perhaps, there is no person who would not be an investor of NPF, there, it is a necessary element of a system of provision of pensions which result we observe when we leave Ukraine and we meet the happy pensioners traveling and enjoying life. We want to advance in Ukraine model of conscious care of the pension period, a cat



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