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The leading actor from "Kamensk" has terribly washed down

Problems have begun after the death of the beloved wife.

Popularity has come to Nikolay Chindyaykin late - after 40 years. While many did career of an actor, he has played tens of bright roles, constantly experimented with role, looked for himself and, at last, has achieved professional success.

Everything has changed after his life has broken up into two parts - before and after the awful tragedy - in 1989 the beloved wife Tatyana Ozhigova has died from cancer. It has cracked the actor, and he has strong dropped to a bottle in what I admitted the Fate of the Person program.

"I then many saws. Never there were with it problems, only during this period. It was the most terrible test in my life. Pain was such that just it is impossible to live", - Chindyaykin has told.

They have got acquainted during the difficult period. Tatyana was married to the influential theatrical director, and the relations with her have nearly crossed out Nikolay's career. And he had an unsuccessful student's marriage.

But feeling were so strong that all these difficulties couldn't separate them. The relations lasted 15 years, and even Chindyaykin's daughter from first marriage has accepted the new wife of the father. the Actor has learned

about the scary diagnosis of the wife in one and a half years prior to her death. And when it became clear that the disease develops promptly, and it is almost impossible to save it, the man has nearly lowered hands.

"Once when I worked in Canada, have called me, have told that she will depart in another world soon. I hardly have managed to arrive, and as a result of Tan have literally died at me on hands", - the actor has shared experiences.

didn't become the loved one. The spouse "was not just incredibly talented actress, but very wise woman - she didn't allow him to be given and fall into despair".

After her leaving several years the only thing that saved Chindyaykin, was work. But the heart-broken actor couldn't be consoled neither huge demand at cinema, nor roles which were falling down on him.

I suddenly when the actor has already given up as a bad job private life, to him has again come love. The new darling of Chindyaykin is younger than him for 12 years, but it is not a hindrance for them. And the young wife was unusual.

"Needs just to know RASU to understand as far as she the thin and understanding person. At our place still the portrait of my second wife Tatyana hangs. She isn't jealous me of her, knowing what strong and important was that feeling", - the actor has noted. to

to Nikolay Chindyaykin was 71 years, but he works hard at cinema and at television. He has played the criminal leader Eduard Petrovich Denisov in popular series "Kamensk". And all on the account of the honored and people's artist - nearly 90 movie parts.

the Actor is happy in marriage though it regrets that neither the second, nor third wives have presented to him children. And the main joy of the actor - the daughter from first marriage who in all supports him.



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