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The leader of ChR in cross-country race Alexander Tonkov invites to a master class in Velyaminovo

Alexander Tonkov became the winner of the first stage of the championship of Russia on cross-country race. To Khotkovo he finished the first with a comfortable separation from persecutors twice.

this week the schedule at Tonkov dense: on Wednesday a master class in Velyaminovo, opening of the Moscow motor-school, and on Sunday - ChR final. Here that Sasha has told after 1 stage ChR to the portal Motorcycle races.
Motorcycle races. ру: This year the championship of Russia is lucky also with weather more, and, judging by a photo, with routes. "Concrete" wasn't to Khotkovo, it isn't planned also in Velyaminovo. How to you beginning of a season of ChR?

Alexander Tonkov: The route I was a little better, than that year, it is the fact, but I can't tell that also many trajectories have been beaten out. But in general I am happy how everything has passed. There were the nuances on health, but it hasn't stopped. I hope, I will manage to be restored to the next race and to act for hundred percent.

Motorcycle races. ру: Many teams already announced the lists of pilots. Puerto Rico promises to expose the most extraordinary, for them there will go Pastrana and Roni Mack. How do you think, will reach the final And?

Alexander Tonkov: These children, I think, will act beautifully. But I am interested in our national team more.

Motorcycle races. ру: Addressed you concerning participation as a part of the Russian national team this year?

Alexander Tonkov: Personally I didn't receive still any offers. Probably, the Federation isn't ready to give the answer so far.

Motorcycle races. ру: What are you doing besides races?

Alexander Tonkov: I open motor-school ( for children and adults, from scratch and to professional level. We want to make a revolution in the world of outdated Russian cross-country race, to make it more technical and beautiful sport, to share experience, based on participation in series of the World Cups and Europe and to tell some secrets of training of the leading world athletes which can be in the future very useful. on August 15, in the run-up to the final of the Championship of Russia I will hold by

In the opening day of school a master class to Velyaminovo.



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