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The last changes in regulations of MotoGP: several key innovations in 2019

The commission of FIM on MotoGP published a number of significant changes in Regulations of the World Cup in Big Motorcycle Prizes which will begin to work on January 1, 2019.

MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU, on December 5, 2018 - First, changes are made to sports regulations. They are connected with the become frequent cases when pilots so rigidly battle among themselves to the finish that often face at the very end of the race. And there is a speech about whether to consider fallen finishing.

In the new edition of rules is said: before, if the pilot who crossed the line of the finish only in direct contact with the motorcycle (sitting on it or pushing it with hands) was considered as finishing, then now, the result will be recorded even if the bike and the pilot will cross the line separately. And, the result will be counted on the first entry point - not important, the bike or the pilot will fly by the line earlier. These are complicates the system of fixing of result a little, but in MotoGP it is duplicated four times: on timing, on the system of the actual fixing of crossing of the line, on the system of video fixing and on the system of a superfast photo finish.

Secondly, FIM defined more accurate criteria for return of pilots to start of the interrupted races. It is confirmed that pilots have the right to use the help of marshals for return of the motorcycle to a track or service paths. Further, that the pilot after emergence of red flags could return on a starting lattice, he has to be on a track at the time of an arrival stop. That is, it has to go on a track or make action to return to a track. Now will also carry those who to a stop of arrival appeared on pitas-leyne to such type of pilots and prepared for an exit to a track. Stewards of MotoGP will separately consider each case.

B to teams will forbid to get 2019 motorcycles in a garage: now it will occur only on pitas-leyne.

toughened Punishment in the form of dumping of a position for overtaking under yellow flags: earlier, the pilot who received the message about violation had to pass the rival (to react) throughout 5 circles after emergence of pitas-borda and the message on the motorcycle dashboard. Now on it only 3 detours are taken. Later, Stewards in the right to punish the violator more cruelly.

C of 2019 are entered two new definitions for circle records at once. Such concept as "A record of a circle of all times" (All Time Lap Record) is entered - it will be recorded for each autodrome from the moment of emergence it in the calendar. And the definition of Lap Record before meaning the best circle shown during the race will be renamed into "Best Race Lap" that specifies a record essence more precisely.

Toughening of requirements for the plants recruits takes place too: the plant which gained enough points for cancellation of concession (preferences) will be deprived also the right of carrying out tests on any racing tracks MotoGP. Now such plants (Aprilia and KTM) can carry out tests when want and where want with participation of official test pilots. Suzuki will be the first ะท



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