Date: 5 months ago   Category: Sport

The Kryvyi Rih "Iron one hundred" has pleased with good results and the excellent organization

Despite a heavy rain, a cycling race in Kryvyi Rih has taken place at the worthy level. All participants (and they were nearly 500 people) have noted both preparation of the route, and the general organization of so large-scale action.

is difficult to Go on off road terrain by bicycle, on become limp to off road terrain - difficult doubly, but athletes have squeezed out maxims of themselves and the "iron horses".

of Winners and prize-winners has appeared much - categories were distinguished on several aspects at once: to distance (100 and 55 km), men/women and age.

So in category "Iron Attempt" (55 km) among men a victory was celebrated никопольчанин by Vyacheslav Rymsha. His compatriot Tatyana Zelenskaya became the strongest in a semi-marathon among women.

On "hundred part" among the youngest (18-32) best result - - was shown 3 hours 35 minutes 17 seconds by the cyclist from Svetlovodsk Anton Pustovit. Slightly more than 4 hours it was required to Darya Nivinskaya in this age category from Kryvyi Rih to celebrate a victory.

Krivorozhanin Dmitry Martynyuk became the best in category 33-44 years. Among women this category was won by Irina Popova from Nikolaev.

In the most senior age category 45 криворожанин Igor Mamekin has left all opponents far behind. Among women in this category without problems Elena Rosol from Nikopol has won.



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