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The Kremlin has rigidly set up Putin: funny photos

The Russian student has arranged political provocation - Navalny 20 was photographed with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a t-shirt with an inscription "! 8"

the General photo of students with Putin was even published on the official site of the Kremlin. They were photographed during visit by the president of Sirius training center in Sochi.

Is known that Putin defiantly ignores Navalny's existence and even in a conversation with journalists in every possible way avoids to mention a surname of the oppositionist.

the Student from the photo - Egor Ryabov, studies at mathematical faculty of Higher School of Economics.

He has told that as soon as has learned about Putin's visit, he has decided to put on a t-shirt with a provocative inscription at once. At the same time, the security service of the Kremlin during survey has noticed nothing because of the jacket which is put on atop.

at the same time, the student claims that he doesn't support the oppositionist, and the photo - "half a trick and a civic stand".

"The lie will claim that I am an active supporter of Navalny. I more likely for the movement which is now and am organized generally by it", he said.
at the same time, users of network have appreciated a photo and have already generated numerous jokes.

In opinion Pauer, has been so conceived by organizers of a funeral of McCain whom Poroshenko called "the real hero of Ukraine".

"Farewell message to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump: America remains near our friends and allies", - she has written.

Was reported that on September 1 the whole world has said goodbye to the late senator John McCain. The funeral ceremony took place in Washington in a rotunda of the Capitol. There the coffin with a body was delivered from the State of Arizona where the politician has died.

Earlier in "heart" of the American parliament there took place the farewell ceremony only with 30 outstanding figures of the USA. Representatives of both parties - have come to say goodbye to McCain both Republican, and Dmokraticheskoy - the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence. Gravestone speeches will be delivered by the former American presidents Barack Obama and George Bush Jr.




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