Date: 3 months ago   Category: Incidents

The Kemerovo colonies carry out tortures and beat convicts

The wife of one of convicts has told about two colonies where terribly scoffed at her husband.

the Inhabitant of Bashkiria Oksana Hattarova has complained that in the Kemerovo colonies of IK-1 and IK-37 the most real tortures carry out, force and beat convicts. The husband Ruslan Kurmangaleev on one of appointments has told her about it. He sits since 2012 for a period of 11 years for robbery and gangsterism. Oksana visits the husband in Kemerovo each 4 months, and constantly listens to all modern histories about mockeries at him. the Wife couldn't suffer

more and has sent complaints to all law enforcement agencies which she only knew. Later Maxim Frolov, the lawyer of the convict, has arrived with the representative of FSIN Irina Khokhlova who has sent him to corrective labor colony-1. There he has got acquainted with the real horror.

In this colony worked for the benefit to the Homeland certain "activists". They cooperate with "top" of prison. And here in one January afternoon he has called to the room of educational work. He has only come into her as have right there tumbled down on the mattress lying on a floor, have put on a plastic bag the head and began to smother, at the same time having connected Kurmangaleev. After a package it poslabitsya and one of "assistants to the investigation" Vilman has got a genital from trousers and has ordered to kiss. When that refused, he was tormented even stronger. Then from him have pulled together trousers and in an anus began to push a shank from a broom. After tortures have removed a rope from him, have lifted and have seat at the table, having forced to write refusal of complaints. At this time the deputy chief of safety Selivanov who not that hasn't helped, he has just told has come: "That quietly here!" Further he was exposed to rapes and other mockeries every day. All this was told to the lawyer by the poor Bashkir. After "hell" he was sent to IK-37. And here have taken a dislike to him immediately - employees of colony have right there beaten. The man washed toilets constantly as he was threatened otherwise with strong punishment.

In May, 2018 has arrived Hattarova, but her tried to show the door in every possible way under a pretext: "There are no places". But she has achieved nevertheless a meeting with darling who has told her about all horrors. Also in this colony everyone "picture" - at it has

an ostrich. It means that at movement on prison it needs to be represented as "such ostrich". the Wife as didn't try to prove to

lawlessness, but the Prosecutor's office and FSIN "have found nothing".

By the way, to that Vilman who forced to kiss the genital of Ruslan in June allegedly the convict has beaten. Therefore the hero of this history was sent in SIZO-3 to Mariinsk where have added for it term. And interests nobody that "activist" daily participated in group rape and mockeries at the man.



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