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The international Committee to Protect Journalists is revolted that reports by Aseev have equated to espionage

The international organization "Committee to Protect Journalists" (CPJ) with the headquarters in the USA, is revolted with broadcasting on air of the Russian channel "Russia-24" of an interview with the prisoner in ORDO Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseev (Vasin) in which he admits espionage to Ukraine.

is said About it in the statement of the organization published on August 22.

the Committee to Protect Journalists has condemned broadcast by the Russian public TV channel "Russia-24" of an interview with Stanislav Aseev, the Ukrainian journalist who on an extent over a year contains the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk in which he in a false manner admitted espionage in favor of Ukraine.

of CPJ also repeats the appeal to immediately release Aseev. "In an interview to journalists Russia-24 Aseev looking emaciated and nervous has said that he spied in favor of the Ukrainian intelligence services that corresponds to the charges brought against him by the authorities of the unrecognized, self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic which is often called the Russian abbreviation of the DPR", - Committee to Protect Journalists notes.

the Organization also emphasizes that the reporter Russia-24 which led a discussion hasn't submitted any actual data, except the criticism concerning Aseev's activity. "The room of the imprisoned journalist in front of the camera and, obviously, coercion him to equate

the reports to espionage is shocking", - the deputy executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists Robert Magouni has told. "We demand

that Stanislav Aseev has been immediately released from custody separatists and has returned on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Russia has to use the influence that it has occurred", - he has added.



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