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The IMF has made the decision to distribute $10.000 to each citizen of Ukraine

Because as reports the Ukrainian edition, "amber poachers" have found near Rokitny on Zhytomyrshchyna a treasure, according to historians and archeologists, being a part of a legendary treasure, so-called "Polubotka gold", many famous people and even the whole countries have made the immediate statement on the property right a treasure, transfers

However history with this treasure was resolved very quickly.

according to the head of the district administration Evgeny Korniyenko, all contents of the found treasure, by estimates of experts taking into account inflation making more than 140 million UAH, has been immediately transferred to the state treasury of Ukraine for further submission of 217 found bills to the Bank of England that one of the oldest banks of Europe has made final settlement with the state of Ukraine.

But even the strongest doubts of the director of the historical museum of Zhytomyr Stepan Vikhrinsky in whether the find has relation to legendary "Polubotka gold", were dispelled in a flash when him specialists of the International Monetary Fund have addressed for specifications.

After obtaining comments on the event from Vikhrinsky, the staff of the IMF have contacted the government of Ukraine to tell the Ukrainian state leaders unexpected news.

The matter is that the "Polubotka gold" which was considered legendary in Ukraine - not just real historic fact, but also was revealed in 1991 in one former residences Polubotka on the southern coast of France, near Marseille. But because that year there were just events which have brought subsequently independence to Ukraine, the find was diligently secret, but isn't forgotten. The sum, at which it is estimated at the moment, the treasure found in Europe exceeds 400 billion dollars. Long time these means were on balance of the International Monetary Fund. now, during such period, hard for Ukraine, understanding

I that the part of a treasure found the Zhytomyr amber gold prospectors inevitably will lead sooner or later to his main part, the IMF has made the decision to return everything the means which are taken away by Polubotk back, to its true owner - the Ukrainian people.

However, fundamentals of policy of the IMF is issue of money under certain conditions, and this extraordinary case didn't become an exception. The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde has made a number of demands to the government of Ukraine. The main thing from them is: all received wealth has to be divided equally between one and all the citizens of the country living now. At approximate calculation, counting the present population of Ukraine approximately in 40 million citizens, on each person about ten thousand dollars at a present course ($10.000) is necessary.

as a result of long negotiations, Christine Lagarde has insisted on return to Ukraine of her national property if the Verkhovna Rada, the new government and the President of Ukraine within a week give to the international organization the guarantor



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