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The ideal combination of a breakfast which regulates sugar level in blood reduces the level of cholesterol and visceral fat melts

If you look for the new idea of a breakfast, this ideal combination which you will ever find! Not only it is tasty, but also this healthy breakfast is extremely useful to you and your health.

It will improve sugar level in blood, will reduce bad cholesterol and will eliminate excess fat of a stomach. As all of us know

, the breakfast is the most important food of day therefore it is always very important to choose nutritious and healthy food to begin the day.

the Combination of oats and seeds of a chia is considered the healthiest. These nutritious ingredients will supply your body with necessary energy the forthcoming day.

Moreover, this healthy combination will stimulate loss of the excess fat which is saved up in a stomach and to burn excess fatty deposits.

Porridge - an excellent source of soluble fiber in beta glucan which, as we know, is very useful. His regular consumption can reduce bad cholesterol, improve cardiovascular system and reduce cholesterol level. Moreover, oats are rich with cellulose, minerals and proteins.

of the Chia seeds, on the other hand, the omega-3, an omega-6 and calcium have high content. They have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the level of cholesterol and improve cardiovascular system.

It also has regenerative properties therefore it is recommended to the people having arthritis.

Necessary ingredients: 1 cup ovsa2 cups vody2 teaspoons lemon soka1 a teaspoon cinnamon poroshka2 tablespoons meda1 a pinch sea soli4 tablespoons of seeds of a chia Place cinnamon in a pot with water and bring to boiling. When she reaches a boiling point, you have to reduce heat and add oats.

Let's her boil within 5 minutes and remove it from fire. Don't forget to close a cover and to leave it for 5 minutes. Add honey and salt and well mix. You have to pour out mix in a bowl and add chia seeds, so far she still hot. At the end to add lemon juice.



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