Date: 8 months ago   Category: Economy

The hryvnia has unexpectedly sent dollar to a knockout: what it will turn back further

Monday became successful for hryvnia, but success, judging by forecasts of experts, won't be long

In a day the national currency has become stronger against dollar from 28,19/28,24 hryvnias to <28,165/28,>
of the Reason of such situation experts call the following:

1) On dollar of quotation have decreased due to sharp narrowing of liquidity in a banking system (we will remind, corresponding accounts have dropped by 12,7 billion hryvnias at once - up to 40,7 billion). It has practically deprived of speculators of resources for a course swing, and clients of finuchredzhdeniye began to sell more willingly currency over obligatory 50% for ensuring the economic operations. Increase in the offer against the background of hryvnia hunger has led to falling of quotations of dollar on Mezhbank;

2) On ruble of quotation have continued decrease at the expense of an external factor. The dollar surely was fixed over the new psychological level of 70 rubles and probably isn't going on it to stop. Devaluation of ruble in the international market instantly affects also the quotations of couple hryvnia/ruble;

played the Major role in yesterday's behavior of Mezhbank the situational course interests of large players. Most of them on Monday lacked hryvnia and actively sold currency, as has created the descending trend on dollar.

Meanwhile, a rate of eurocurrency rises in the world market on September 10. According to Bloomberg, the single currency has begun day at the level of 1,1560$/€ and has risen by a lunch to 1,1579$/€. That is I won back losses of last week. we Will note

, experts don't undertake to give 100% of exact forecasts of a course. But now expect gradual decrease from hryvnia provided in the budget of nearly 30 hryvnias for dollar. Whether the price to dollar higher than 30 hryvnias will grow depends on many economic factors, but it is precisely known that the dollar isn't going to fall. We will remind, the maximum level of an official dollar exchange rate has been reached in February, 2015 three years ago - 30,01 UAH/dollars



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