Date: 7 months ago   Category: Culture

The grown old and grown fat Vitas has released very strange clip with the American rappers

What only the duets aren't, but precisely nobody expected cooperation of Vitas and the American Nappy Roots rap group. The Roll With The Beat song isn't similar to anything, and causes very double impression and a heap of questions.

On a roller plot Vitas sits in futuristic laboratory and gives strange sounds. He looks strongly worse, than at the peak of the popularity: elderly, thick and tired. Vitas very ridiculously looks in kind of youth dresses.

Rappers fly in space, and the party which takes place outdoors, in the laboratory begins then.

the Director of this strange clip became Carlos J. Ramsay who has shot several short films and a set of commercials.

of Nappy Roots - quite famous rap group is from Kentucky, formed in 1995. They cooperated with Kanye West and Mark Ronson and has even received two nominations on "Grammy".

B 2015 Vitas has gained world fame thanks to the clip "Seventh Element" which became a meme. Video has been loaded on YouTube under the name "Weird russian singer-Chum Drum Bedrum" and has gained more than 70 million viewings.




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