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The grass capable to cure of many female diseases!

Women are often called by the weaker sex, and especially it is fair concerning female health - him easily and it is quickly possible to lose and so difficult to restore. At the initial stage many illnesses can be overcome by means of officinal herbs.

Phytotherapy is a good addition to treatment. Officinal herbs restore many functions of an organism and stabilize his state.

the Fact of common knowledge - the reasons of the majority of female diseases, such as myoma, uterus fibromyoma, endometriosis, cyst and other benign tumors, are diseases to which we haven't paid in due time attention and which, thus, have passed into a chronic form. It also adneksit (inflammation of appendages) and chronic colitis which, as a rule, nobody treats.

Therefore to cure benign tumors, at first it is necessary to remove the cause of their emergence. Treatment it not fast, also has to be carried out in a complex. Use of officinal herbs here quite appropriate as treatment by officinal herbs is directed to alignment of the metabolism broken by a disease, to increase in immunity, removal of inflammatory processes, normalization of activity of all internals. It is very useful to include honey in composition of grass broths and infusions, he makes favorable impact on each body, each cage of our organism.

A now some effective recipes of traditional medicine for treatment women's diseases. in case of inflammation of appendages treatment the gynecologist surely has to appoint

, but along with administration of drugs it is expedient to drink broths of officinal herbs. For example such: mix equally a grass of the tributary medicinal, a grass of a centaury and flowers of coltsfoot. Fill in 1 tablespoon of grass mix with a glass of boiled water and insist hour. Accept 3 tablespoons of 5 times a day within 2-3 weeks.

of Normalization of function of ovaries and a uterus are promoted also by the plants causing hyperaemia in bodies of a small pelvis and raising a uterus muscles tone: marjoram, wormwood, aloe, parsley. Note such recipes.

- to Take 3 dining rooms. spoons of the dry crushed grass of a marjoram ordinary to fill in 500 ml of the boiling water in a thermos, to insist about an hour, to filter and drink 0,5 glasses three times a day.

- 2 tablespoons of a root or seeds of parsley to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, to cook on weak fire of 3-5 minutes, to insist 30 minutes and to drink 0,5 glasses three times a day.

- At myoma, a fibromyoma, mastopathy is very useful regularly, within 1-2 months to chew as chewing gum, or to suck as lollipop, a propolis piece.

At an erosion of a neck of the uterus are effective such recipes. - Mix

on 1 tablespoon of a thyme and mints, fill in 0,5 l of boiled water and you boil in the closed ware on weak fire of 5 minutes. Then cool, filter and accept on a half of a glass of 4-5 times a day.

- Mix equally flowers of a camomile, raspberry berry, a grass of a yarrow, a St. John's Wort, cowberry and nettle leaves a two-blast furnace. 1 with



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