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The governor of Sevastopol is ready to sing the anthem of the Crimea

The governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov has said at a ceremony of signing of the cooperation agreement with the Crimea today that until the end of this year administrative borders between two subjects will be established.

"Next week is planned our working group. This year we will make it. It was necessary to define six sites, very small. I want to tell that this question isn't conflict. He is a worker", - Ovsyannikov has told.

This optimistic statement of the Sevastopol city's mayor and also is emphasized high spirits of the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov have forced to become nervous many in Sevastopol. The matter is that question of border between regions just conflict.

the Problem has arisen after reunion of the Crimea with Russia. The new cadastral card on which borders of the land plots pass differently, than on the Ukrainian inventory has been made. As a result, if to lay border of subjects on border of sites, then Sevastopol will lose 300 hectares on the southern coast near Foros and also the considerable site in mountains, and around a river water intake Black, the drinking water providing the city.

deputies of the Sevastopol Legislative Assembly have paid attention To a problem at the beginning of 2017. Therefore the absence at today's meeting of heads of subjects of the speaker Ekaterina Altabayeva causes special concern. Aksenov has come with the head of the State Council of the republic Vladimir Konstantinov, and here Ovsyannikov has considered it necessary to get rid of the competent witness. the meeting, probably, has taken place

Without inconvenient "strangers" like clockwork. Heads of regions left to the press nearly in an embrace, and Aksenov behaved as the senior and the loving brother.

By the way, this week have emerged details of refusal of Sevastopol of own airport in Belbek. Novaya Gazeta has found out from the former director of the failed enterprise that in 2017 Aksenov has pressured Ovsyannikov and has forced him to liquidate the airport, having made it branch of Simferopol. The The Moscow Post edition reports that Ovsyannikov can transfer 25% of the stocks of Genbank belonging the Ministries of Property of Sevastopol in maintaining the Ministry of Property of the Crimea.

At today's meeting the court journalist has suggested the governor of Sevastopol to sing the anthem of the Crimea as in due time Aksenov has sung the anthem of Sevastopol during the visit in Vladimir. Ovsyannikov zardetsya and has promised to study the new song.



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