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The government will use cryptocurrency at the state level: the sign decision is made

The cryptocurrency will be integrated into the industry of financial services on state
the Relevant decision the Central bank of the Bahamas (CBOB) has made, MyCrypter reports.

Is noted that the financial regulator has published regulatory standard and legal base for preparations for integration of cryptocurrency assets into the industry of financial services.

This document has to solve a number of the regulatory problems connected with cryptocurrency. In particular, it is about evasion from taxes, volatility of the markets, roguish ICO and policy of fight against money laundering.

On the Bahamas consider modern approach to cryptocurrency too fragmented because of what "minimization of risks on the financial technical-arena" is at a loss.

In this regard SVOV plans to adopt a number of amendments to the existing regulatory norms.

"In compliance with these amendments all companies working on or from the territory of the Bahamas have to "show safe and financially steady business practices; to show that have the systems allowing to measure, monitor and adequately to control market and other risks; and also to provide transparent procedures for prevention of use of the services in criminal intents", - Nassau Guardian reports.

at the same time implementation of rules of counteraction to money laundering will also be obligatory. Earlier we wrote

that if the world market leans on basic assets, but not speculation, the bitcoin can grow in price several times. It is said in the report which has been published by cryptocurrency analysts of Satis Group.

Authors of the report are sure that the bitcoin can count on bright future in case large players in the market cease to speculate.

"Has to grow reference bitcoin in price as he is the cryptoasset having the price offer in the deep and popular markets", - it was said in the document.

according to experts, those digital currencies which try to inherit recognition of other brands and having the minimum technical characteristics will comprehend essential falling in the price.




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