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The girl with? Benjamin Batton's disease? grows old 8 times quicker than schoolmates

Her history will touch even the maniac psychopath.

was very lucky you if you can lead full-fledged healthy life or with slight diseases about which it is possible not to worry. In the world there are people suffering from serious heart troubles, a brain and other parts of a body which very much envy you and dream that they had the same happy life.

Look, for example, at Lucie Park's life. This happy eight-year-old child has died because of a syndrome of a progeriya of Hutchinson-Gilforda better known as just a progeriya recently, Meaww tells.

This very rare disease which occurs in one person from four million and is characterized by symptoms of fast aging at very early age.

Is established that only 134 children live in 46 countries with this disease which is caused by a mutation in a gene lamin-A. One of progeriya symptoms - hardening of arteries at very early age. The child is quickly exhausted, losing a fatty layer, and then muscular tissue, at him hair drop out. Average life expectancy of such people - 13 years.

of Lucie from Balliuord (Ireland) has died in a circle of the family for New year and has been buried in a small pink coffin. People from all corners of the planet expressed to

compassion and supported parents.

of Stephanie, mother Lucie, after the death of the daughter has placed a post on Facebook to inform friends and relatives and also all who supported family, that Lucie has died as she was unable to fight for life more. "She was beautiful in every respect, it was the wonderful child. Why she was overtaken by this awful disease?

her small organism for eight years battled against a progeriya. Unfortunately, she didn't manage to cope with a fatal illness. Now Lucie has forever got rid of pain..." To the journalist Catherine Campbell has had the luck to interview Lucie's parents. "After this conversation my soul was broken off on pieces. I felt David's pain, and Stephanie's tears were for me as a knife on heart. People, please, pray for this family..." - Catherine has written. Lucie was born on September 10, 2009. At 4-month age she had to undergo hip operation. She also suffered from underdeveloped knees and anklebones. Having very small appetite, the girl didn't put on weight.

When it was nine months old, doctors diagnosed for Lucie a rare disease - a progeriya.

Despite of physiological shortcomings, the girl was pink-checked, active and, as well as other small children, liked to sing and have a good time. But unlike other children at Lucie arthritis and heart troubles which have reduced her life and have provoked a growth inhibition has developed.

Mother Lucie has told that they all family two times visited other countries (in October, 2011 to England and in December, 2012 to Italy) to families which also have a child with a progeriya. Mother wanted that Lucie could get acquainted with other children with the same problems and restrictions."



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