Date: 10 months ago   Category: Incidents

The girl has nearly drowned in Dnieper on a water attraction

The child has nearly drowned in the Globy park on a water attraction. As though the tight sphere for the unknown reasons began to proceed. the Girl began to call

to the aid. The ball with the frightened child was pulled out on the mooring.

same Spheres, but worker of an attraction another, - Valentina tells. That day she with the girlfriend have brought the daughters into the park to drive on inflatable balls. Suddenly one of girls has begun to call to the aid. "I understand

that at it water begins to be filled in and she begins to be pulled out, and I see it, and was already frightened, gosopod though I wouldn't have it", - the victim's girlfriend Arina Nikolenko tells.

of Mother have rushed to the operator that that has pulled out the girl on the mooring.

"The child already was in water, the sphere was filled enough, we already pulled out from completely lowered sphere", - mother Arina Valentina Nikolenko says.

Mother with the injured girl have left the country next day. And her girlfriend continues to find out circumstances of an incident. Why has so occurred - workers of an attraction don't understand. They say, spheres regularly check, they are tight and still similar cases weren't!

Spheres in working order and reasons for scandal isn't present, - the owner of an attraction assures. Children were pulled out from water in time, have apologized to them, and mothers have given monetary compensation.

"Didn't address me either the girl's mother, or the girl, the woman who was with the child has told that 200 UAH by the taxi are necessary to her, we have returned her money at once and have still returned money for a driving session", - the owner of an attraction Dmitry Horoshun explains.

parents didn't submit the application To police. And will hardly open criminal proceedings - nobody has suffered, - lawyers say.

"If are, God forbid, the victims, or average weight heavy injuries - that could have legal prospect in respect of criminal legal proceedings. If there are no addresses, then nobody will carry out any inspections and the speech about closing won't stand in general", - the lawyer Andrey Verba says. still lawyers advise

A to receive compensation for the injuries got during entertainments - it is necessary to keep the ticket. This main proof that have provided you service.




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