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The former staff of Tesla in large quantities passes to work into Apple - media

Since the end of 2017 from Elon Musk's Tesla have passed not less than 46 employees into Apple.

Into Apple were passed by programmers, technologists, experts in the sphere of safety both responsible for deliveries and logistics, interlocutors of TV company say.

will Work they not only in the project on development of the autonomous car of Apple, but also in others, has told one of sources.

In July has come to the company the former senior vice-president of Tesla for developments Dag Fild, he hasn't specified change of the place of work in social networks yet. His leaving has affected moral atmosphere in Tesla, have noted several sources of CNBC. people called

Among the reasons of transition to Apple higher salary and growth of shares of the company. The salaries of experts in Apple are about one and a half times higher, than in Tesla, and life in San Francisco expensive, several interlocutors of TV company have told.

In Tesla have said that in the company to work not easy, and she can't pay employees more as at her "is a hundred times less than money, than at Apple".

the Representative of Tesla in an interview of CNBC denied that outflow of employees from the company has increased. On the contrary, according to him, in the last year the decrease of personnel was reduced by a third and in the company new people, including have come from Apple.

In June the head of Tesla Elon Musk declared that he will dismiss about 9% of employees, that is more than 4000 people to cut down expenses and to keep profitability of production of electric vehicles. In August it became known that the company has won record losses six quarters a contract.



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