Date: 5 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

The former design director of Electronic Arts has opened new studio

In August Electronic Arts has said goodbye to the design director Patrick Soderlund (Patrick S? derlund). Today The Verge has reported that Soderlund has founded the Embark Studios company.

according to Soderlund, is aimed by Embark at the mass market and has big ambitions. Her games will strongly differ from already come out entertainments - Embark intends to use recognition of the speech, cloud computing, advanced artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies.

"Modern games are usually constructed around one system. You run and you shoot at people or you play soccer, - Soderlund argues. - What if could you have 10 conditional levels of simulation in a game where it is possible to become the farmer, either to politicize, or to go to army, or to become the professional athlete? Here what questions arise of me in the head. As soon as I and other people working with me began to think of it, I have understood that it is ambitious and almost naive. But I think that to make something unusual, it is necessary to go on this way". for

However, don't wait from the first projects of Embark of revolution. At first the team will undertake small games with a traditional geympleyny basis and experimental elements. Soderlund doesn't want 10 years to pore over a game of a dream which can turn back failure.

So far in Embark work some developers Among them - Johan Andersson, the former head of EA SEED (this division is engaged in innovative technologies). In the next weeks the staff of the company will extend till 15-20 people. All Embark plans to employ over 200 experts. Yet debut creation Embark Studios has no

even of approximate date of an exit. However, if to trust Soderlund, we will hear news from studio quicker, than it is possible to expect.

will act as the Investor and the publisher of Embark the Korean-Japanese company Nexon.



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