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The first time - not the last: Christoph Ponsson will return to MotoGP?

As the French debutant of MotoGP, for the first time and without any preliminary tests has told the tried prototype of Ducati Desmosedici GP16 on the Grand Prix of San Marino - Christoph Ponsson, he has felt that it has appeared on a starting lattice as if for the first time in life.

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on September 13, 2018 - Ponsson has appeared from nowhere and was gone in anywhere. The pilot of the European championship of STK-1000, some time supporting in WorldSBK private team, has got chance to leave on wildcard in line-up of the team of Avintia Ducati in Mizano. For the first time he has seen the GP16 on Thursday evening when he has arrived in Italy, and to test his smog only for FP1 on Friday. Neither experience, nor special skills. Ponsson has begun with 7-second lag from the leader, but has managed to enter 107% to qualification so has been allowed on start. On the finish he has lost to more than a half of a peleton 1 circle.

Before a debut has fallen upon the head of the Frenchman the mass of criticism: "Who is he?" - pilots of MotoGP and journalists asked. From where has such beautiful undertaken? And whether he is able to ride the motorcycle? The rights - I have bought, and to go.? And all in the same vein. Christoph parries

: "OK, from pilots of MotoGP I allow such reaction. They just spoke about me, answering questions. But journalists! Who are they to reproach me? Many of them in life on the motorcycle didn't sit... Obviously, I the first in the history who has got to a prototype saddle before the weekend - without tests, without experience. Be at me tests, everything would be differently and anybody would have no question. But there were also other racers who have got the same chance as I. And I didn't hear anything bad in their address". "Pilots I can understand

especially as they spoke about me on Thursday before an opportunity to show time was presented. But I, as a result, have shown time sufficient for passing to Q1! - he continues. - On start of a race, of course, I felt strange as if in general for the first time in life it has appeared on a lattice. I closed it, understanding that I will prevent nobody that everything is OK. But through several circles I have suddenly thought that I go insufficiently quickly and soon пелетон will overtake me".

Leaders of the Grand Prix of San Marino have overtaken Ponsson on the 18th circle, and for the remained 9 circles all, including Thomas Lyuti who has closed the list of permanent participants of the championship have passed it. Christoph, nevertheless, successfully finished the 23rd.

I that? Now he expects to return to MotoGP not the following stage in Aragon.

"It will be the second chance, and, with good odds at once: I shouldn't open for myself a prototype, tires and carbonic brakes, - it has confirmed to the French Motorsport. - Now I will be able to approach times of a circle of the others. Besides, I am well familiar with Motorland on the World Cup in the Superbike!"



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