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The father - not the nurse and not the assistant. He is a full-fledged parent!

Education of the child - and his duty too.

the Writer and mother of six children Rachael Tolson on pages of the Motherly edition reflects about volume how important role is played by the father in life of children. According to her, the father is a full-fledged parent, but not temporary replacement in the absence of mother: "You know

, and it would be quite good if the men "helping" to care for children weren't uplifted on a pedestal. Where men would raise children and looked after them, and it wouldn't be considered as something surprising. everything I understand

Ya. Women continue to assert the rights to career, many want, besides the house and children, to have also work.

Traditionally men were getters, and women were engaged in homework therefore for men care of children - something new. But I feel that we on the right track.

We with the husband are very happy in marriage. But from 6 in the morning and till 5:30 in the evening we divide among themselves parental responsibilities, and everyone kind of for ourselves. Of course, in the evenings and during week-end we spend all the time together, but weekdays with children always someone one.

U me first change: I make a breakfast, I collect lunches in school, I wash and I dress children, I take three to school, and the others - back home where I entertain the smallest and I read books to those who are more senior. The husband replaces me at 12:30 when they already sleep. He plays

with them, goes for a walk, invites their friends to us on a visit and helps children with homework. The father watches their diaries and cares for that they have washed and have prepared for tomorrow dishes for school lunches. He feeds with

the kid, changes to him diapers and watches that children have removed the toys. My husband makes a dinner for the end of the change when at home order is brought.

Though I madly appreciate everything that it does, I don't consider it something outstanding. It is also called to be a parent. Many are surprised with

to our schedule. "You were very lucky with the husband, he so helps you", - they say. the Decision to have six children we accepted

together. I am sure that I have a right to count on his help too to have an opportunity to work.

But nevertheless is one fact which, perhaps, makes my husband exclusive. He understands that thanks to my work I became the best mother to the children. He has accepted it and is happy to watch my achievements in career. and write to

But when he looks after children that I could be closed in the room several articles, he - not the nurse. When I once a month leave and from book club for three hours I talk to friends about everything on light, and it sits with children, he - not the nurse. When he makes for

a dinner or leaves to take a walk with the kid that I could have a sleep a little more, he is not just my assistant. He is a full-fledged parent.

Friends, grandmothers and nurses - assistants. And the father - the parent.

Ya would like that all this was understood". do you agree

with opinion of the author of article? In your family obligations for care of the child are halved or lie on one of spouses?



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