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The famous Ukrainian musician has suffered in road accident

The ex-participating of the TNMK group, the Ukrainian musician and the composer Eduard of "Dil" of the Attack have got into accident near Kiev.

the Ukrainian singer drove on September 13 the car at a speed of 30-40 km/h on Varshavskoye Highway in the direction of Novus shop as he has suddenly felt powerful blow behind. As a result has rejected the car forward, and it has collided with the minibus.

the Actor has shared accident details on the page in Facebook: "I have been fastened by a seat belt. But from blow about a wheel and a head restraint I have fainted. I have recovered, people, all muddy in eyes around, hardly I hear voices. It was the truck, the driver has caught "gava".

the Arrived police officers not really wanted to do measurements and behaved extremely nonprofessionally and long couldn't coordinate any bureaucratic moments. "Very much I asked me to release in hospital, but patrolmen have kept me 5 more hours", - Eduard writes.

have taken away Law enforcement bodies from the musician of the right, the registration certificate, and have sent the car to an impound lot. At the same time, on completion of all confusion, the car wasn't wanted to be returned "because haven't received from someone the order" though with documents of the actor everything was as it should be.

of the Photo with place of accident / Facebook

When has arrived the ambulance, doctors long didn't give first aid, as a result physicians have brought to the Attack on Polevaya St., 19 in Butch where he was left for a long time in a corridor. Eduard claims that he has faced negligence of doctors.

"About me have forgotten approximately for an hour. Doctors have begun to be engaged in me only when there have arrived my friends to whom I have managed to throw off the address of hospital and I have managed to call the wife. Farther more ridiculously, have made X-ray, all of course for a fee, well ok, have taken blood on drugs and alcohol, please, not a question, but the relation bestial.

Doctors dared to shout and be rude. If not my health, I could answer. Further, the neurosurgeon and the neuropathologist in hospital hasn't appeared. It was necessary to go to Regional hospital. There, having learned that I am registered in other area, have sent in October. Having told that X-ray in Butch full go*no and for an additional fee still something was written out.

have found Something in a neck and have told that it is necessary to make MPT and KT. But where to make him - doctors haven't specified. Periodically cut down me, constantly felt sick, hands shiver, the head breaks up", - the musician is indignant.

to Ordinary Ukrainians not to understand indignation of a star, negligence and the rough relation of personnel of hospital to treated - a commonplace. Physicians don't divide people on stars, politicians and mere mortals. And there is nothing surprising in it, with such salaries. And new police officers have lost long ago trust of Ukrainians so it isn't necessary and to speak to you about their nonprofessionalism, and so everything is clear.



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