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The family of the richest oligarch of the country was accused of corruption

In Vietnam the police within legal investigation of participation in corruption
arrested Pham Nhat Vu, the former head of the private company

Audio Visual Global (AVG) working in the sphere of telecommunications.

Corruption scandal on this case arose in 2018.

After the Ministry of public safety of Vietnam, within

of a nation-wide anti-corruption campaign, broke the transaction about attempt
of resale of the stocks AVG of the Mobifone state corporation.

Though the transaction did not take place, in the Ministry of public safety

counted $300 million losses to the state treasury.

generally, now, by results of investigation, the decision
to arrest Vu and to carry out a search his house was made.

are sure Of the Vietnamese police that Vu, advancing the transaction, distributed bribes
to the high-ranking public servants.

However, the concrete sums of bribes the Vietnamese police are not called.

However, within the specified corruption scandal really,

appear the high-ranking Vietnamese officials whose names so far

that are not called.

But so far are under arrest only two managers
of an average link of Mobifone who were detained last year. we Will remind

, Pham Nhat Vu is a brother Pham Nhat Vuonga (Pham Nhat

Vuong), the owner of VinGroup conglomerate and Vietnam which is richest

the businessman. Total amount of private means of Vuonga by data of

of Forbes, is $7.6 billion.

Primary activity of VinGroup conglomerate is concentrated in the sphere of tourism
and trade.

of VinGroup is the owner of luxurious Vietnamese resorts, hotels,

of shopping centers and supermarkets.

Besides, VinGroup is concentrated over production of first Vietnamese

of a car and also national brand of the smartphone.

To everything, VinGroup is also an official sponsor of autorally
of "Formula One" which in 2020 have to take place in Vietnam. we Will remind

, in Vietnam the nation-wide campaign for fight against

corruption continues since 2016. The campaign was initiated Nguyen

is directed by Nguyen Phu Trong heading the ruling Communist Party and

to strengthening of own influence in the country.

B 2018, according to the rating of Transparency International, Vietnam took the 117th place
(from 180). Among the Asian countries the level of fight against corruption is worse only in

Thailand and on Philippines.




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