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The expert has estimated actions of firefighters during suppression of Shopping Center Zimnyaya vishnya at Kemerovo

Relatives and relatives of the dead blame for all rescuers who have gone "not to that party", as has caused so many victims.

Sergey Pobedonostsev has estimated actions of firefighters during suppression of Shopping Center Zimnyaya vishnya at Kemerovo. According to him, it isn't necessary to accuse those who performed the work as it is necessary to them. Also the expert has told why one of the main defendants the people Sergey Genin, has led the team for the security guard, but not the father of three children who wanted to take at first to the burning movie theater. First of all, owners of Zimnyaya vishnya are guilty. rescuers had

the map of the building, but outdated. Initially there was other building which often changed owners and re-planning, but new maps of the room didn't come to government institutions. It is the first minus which has entailed such number of the victims.

of Firefighters was met by the security guard and also the man of the died children Alexander Ananyev, and began "to break off" them on two parts. Ananyev wanted to take away experts in a wing where there was an ill-fated movie theater, and the security guard - to the opposite side. And rescuers have followed the one who has to know better the territory and that occurs there now. And, unfortunately, in that hall the most part of adults and children has died.

Also shouldn't get rid on the wrong actions according to the instruction. The expert assures that yes, they are, but always people regardless rescuers or just citizens, work accurately on developed situations. Pobedonostsev has brought

to the fact that it isn't necessary to accuse smaller links, and even not the management with security service - needs to be taken above. Behind it there are "big people" on whose conscience criminal negligence which the fire has followed.

the Fire in Kemerovo has happened in Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center on March 25 this year. As a result of the tragedy 64 persons have died. Fault to everything is negligence of the management, bad conducting and unavailability of the building to fire alarm.



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