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The ex-colleague of "cook Putin" has told about "factory of trolls" and provocations against media

Andrey Mikhaylov, the former colleague of the businessman Evgeny Prigozhin who is called "Putin's cook", has told about creation "factories of trolls" and provocations against competitors of Prigozhin and journalists.

Mikhaylov in an interview to the Novaya Gazeta edition has explained that he has decided to talk to media that there was unpunished his no trip to the wood" - according to him, in 2017 he was stolen and had beaten by the people connected with Prigozhin.

As is noted by Novaya Gazeta, Mikhaylov stood at the origins of media empire of "cook Putin".

the Former colleague of Prigozhin has told that he has begun to work for him in 2012 - the acquaintance has reduced him with the head of security service of the businessman Evgeny Gulyaev who needed to organize provocation against the competitor of the chief.

to Mikhaylov have suggested to be engaged After a while in development of the projects connected with media and then have acquainted with Prigozhin.

"Evgeny Viktorovich was very happy, has right there given cash from the safe money for four issues of the newspaper - one million one and a half rubles", - Mikhaylov remembers.

according to him, Prigozhin met him all several times - when paid awards, including "for good work".

As appears from an interview, have organized a considerable part of big actions of employees of Prigozhin in his personal requirement.

Mikhaylov has remembered that the poisoning performance on a buffet reception in St. Petersburg in 2012 was his first action.

by means of a performance planned to spoil reputation of the Caramel Catering company, the competitor "the Concorde the Catering" Prigozhina and to break her the contract for service of a large action.

the Ex-colleague of "cook Putin" has told that, according to him, "obidka of purely personal character" were the cause.

Mikhaylov and his acquaintance Sergey Solovyov who participated in several similar acts later have organized a round table with participation of businessmen, he was served by Caramel Catering. Several false participants have simulated poisoning, have distributed information on it in media later.

As they say in an interview, Mikhaylov participated in start of the projects of Prigozhin connected with provocations in media. He, in particular, organized actions after which editions controlled by "Putin's cook" wrote about bribability of journalists.

"Sense was in what? It was necessary that media have printed nonexistent information and that have taken for it money cash. They have made it", - the former employee of media empire Prigozhina has explained.

With Sergey Solovyov's participation it has organized, in particular, provocations against the poet and writer Dmitry Bykov and the Forbes magazine.

Mikhaylov has also remembered provocation against RIA Novosti news agency.

It has told that in 2013 the head of security service Prigozhina Gulyaev has charged to post fake news on the website of RIA Novosti. Mikhaylov considers that it was conceived to move away the editor-in-chief Svetlana Mironyuk from a position.

isn't specified In an interview why it was necessary for Prigozhin. Mironyuk was dismissed at the end by 201



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