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The Evpatoriysky studio "First step" has participated in the Moscow competition "Victory Lens"

Winners of a competition of the Moscow Museum of the Victory "the Victory Lens" will become participants of the All-Russian open forum of children's and youthful screen creativity "Boomerang". FGBUK Information center "Museum of the Victory" reports about it.

Thematic change has begun on September 7 on the basis of the All-Russian children's center "Orlenok".

"Participants of our competition not just shot videos, they endured the past of the country as a part of the personal destiny, reflected on the place in historical events", - the curator of the competition "Victory Lens" Pavel Kudryavtsev has told.

On a competition of the Museum of the Victory has arrived 109 works from children's studios and individual participants. The jury has highly appreciated works of contestants and 72 authors have received permits to the All-Russian forum of children's and youthful screen creativity "Boomerang". Among winners of the competition "Victory Lens" there are participants of First step studio (Yevpatoriya, the Republic of Crimea).

of All will gather on a film forum 300 talented children from 53 regions of Russia. Besides prize-winners of a competition of the Museum of the Victory in Orlenok there will arrive finalists of the All-Russian correspondence media competition "Field of Family Victories".

In two weeks participants will shoot five short films, will participate in the presentation of the film almanac "Pole Semeynykh Pobed", will issue innovative TV-programs and also tens of video topics and animated films.

will work With children eminent mentors - TV hosts, journalists, screenwriters, film directors, operators and many other masters of the professions. Every day they will hold master classes for participants of a forum.

Besides, in Orlenok will take place an awards ceremony of winners of the competition "Victory Lens" and viewing of video works of participants of a competition. Within change children will also meet the director of the Museum of the Victory Alexander Shkolnik.

the Competition is dated for the 75 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and is carried out annually till 2020 as film relay, since 2018. Works of winners of the Competition are shown within special programs and holidays for visitors in cinema halls of the Museum of the Victory and in 150 branches of the Territory of the Victory project.



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