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The employee of shop has told the awful truth about how "pump up" chicken

The employee of shop has told the awful truth about how "pump up" chicken
And she won't be pleasant to you.

If you thought that rumors about "rating" of broilers chemicals for giving of more appetizing look to them are empty horror stories, then we are forced to disappoint you. the Employee of network of the Magnet supermarkets, popular in Russia, has told

at the forum Pikabu about subtleties of this not palatable procedure which for quite some time now is the standard in many shops. Here what he writes: "Generally, at the beginning of a year the grill shop has got a job in one of Magnit hypermarkets as the cook... And here at the beginning of this month bring me to the shop this pribluda: Later the technologist approaches me and says: "We have a new production technology, now we type pump up chicken/meat". I @khuyet from the events a little and have well decided to make this post that people have looked that they eat". So, for a start this powder undertakes:

Pay attention to structure. This substance contains the E452 stabilizer which is used in paint and detergents. Powder is used as thickener, the stabilizer in the form of a brine for a shpritsevaniye, by massagings by production of ham sausages, meat delicacies, semi-finished products from meat, chicken.

powder is kneaded Further in the ratio 45 g of powder / 40 g of salt / 300 g of water.

Turns out here such gel:

enter Ready gel into a chicken carcass the special syringe.

So looks chicken before inflating:

A so - after:

Then chicken pickle in spices with vegetable oil and send to a grill.

Gel turns into something like silicone.

This transparent jelly - not chicken fat, but that gel.

Further chicken sell to buyers. in conclusion the user has written

: "After have entered this "technology", I have thought and have decided that after all I am a cook and my though small, but professional experience doesn't allow to do it to me, and having decided for itself that I am not going to poison people, I have at once left.

didn't think that the truth someone is engaged in it, thought, all this on NTV is shown that to frighten grandmothers after has met it personally, I began to read structure and in general to choose more quality products that and to you I advise". How to distinguish a beefy carcass from not beefy? Frozen - in any way therefore it is better not to buy it at all. The main signs of a rating at the cooled chicken - too thick wings and shins. If fillet of a breast is thicker than a finger, then it is almost for certain stuffed with chemicals. One more feature is punctures. Pay attention to skin of chicken: if chicken "is pinned", on her holes will be visible. And you knew about such deception of consumers?

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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