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The elevator in space: Japan invents the new device for movement between planets

The device will be taken into an orbit by means of the carrier rocket H-IIB

In the nearest future the Japanese space agency JAXA will launch in space satellites for test of the concept of the space elevator.

As is emphasized with leading experts, an idea essence is as follows: freight has to rise from Earth in space by means of the long and strong cable stretched between our planet and the artificial satellite which settles down in a geostationary orbit i.e. over the same point and supports a cable due to centrifugal force, a cable also the cargo elevator moves.

This concept was offered still by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895, but still she was considered as technically impracticable.

Now scales is slightly less. The H-IIB rocket which will be started from the island of Tanegashima has to put two small satellites between which the cable 10 meters long will be tense to orbit. Further on this cable the tiny elevator (a small box with the engine of 6 by 3 centimeter) working with the help of the engine will move. At the same time cameras on devices will allow to track functioning of the elevator.

according to representatives of developers of the university Shizuoka at which the equipment has been created it will be the first-ever experiment on check of the movement of the elevator in space.

the Obayashi Construction company plans to use technology of nanotubes there to make a cable 96 thousand kilometers long. It is planned that by 2050 by means of the elevator it will be possible to send tourists to space.

is Also reported that the SpaceX company which owner is the inventor billionaire Elon Musk has expressed the intention to send to the ISS the first piloted expedition in April of the next year
according to the operating officer of the company Gwynne Shotvell, at the moment this is not about exact dates. As Shotvell has specified, their instruction "can turn indicating in the liar". Nevertheless, preparatory work is well under way and the first start will take place as soon as the company is sure of its safety for crew.

of NASA has signed the contract on cargo delivery and people for the ISS with the SpaceX and Boeing companies in 2014 within the program for development of private astronautics. On August 3 lists of the first crews which have entered both veterans of the Space Shuttle program, and beginners have been published.




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