Date: 7 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

The Elari company has released smartwatches for children with the voice assistant Alice

This first device with Yandex IO set released not by "Yandex". the Producer of wearable electronics with the Russian roots of Elari has released

children's Elari KidPhone 3G smartwatches with the built-in voice assistant Alice. Have told about this in "Yandex".

Watch of Elari became the first device with built-in Alice released by the third-party company, the representative of "Yandex" has noted. Before the voice assistant was only in a "clever" column "Yandex. The station" which the Internet company has begun to sell in July, 2018.

of Elari has used a set of Yandex IO by means of which external developers can use Alice and its opportunities in the devices.

of Sale of Elari KidPhone 3G will begin since August 29, they can be bought in Elari Store online store and online store of MegaFon for 6990 rubles. Sales in salons of the operator will begin on September 3. MegaFon has acquired exclusive right on retails within a month.

Elari KidPhone 3G "Alice" can play with the child (for example, the cities), to help with the solution of mathematical tasks, to answer questions of children why-askers, the representative of "Yandex" lists. He has noted that Alice won't give content, improper for children.

are equipped Hours with the SIM card and allow the child to do and receive calls, including with support of video, it is told in their description. Parents can watch location of the child by means of the built-in GPS tracker and control the list of contacts in the notebook through the application on the smartphone.



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